by Jill Saint James • Numerology That Works


Glosasary of Number Values

To help familiarize you with some general characteristics of number digits, 1-9, we've enclosed a list of positive and negative traits of each number. When you know the number that relates to you, i.e., day of birth, you can identify that number with the following traits.

Positive Traits: independent, assertive, original, inventive, ambitious, decisive, loves new beginnings.

Negative Traits: arrogant, domineering, self-centered, greedy, quarrelsome.
Positive Traits: sensitive, detail-oriented, balanced, cooperative, tactful, considerate, persuasive, diplomatic responsive.

Negative Traits: blunt, scheming, bull-headed, overly sensitive, intolerant, cross, unfriendly.
Positive Traits: creative, verbally expressive, happy, imaginative, sociable, friendly, joyful, charming.

Negative Traits: faddish, gloomy, pessimistic, hostile, gossipy, snobbish.
Positive Traits: dedicated, earthy, trustworthy, practical, methodical, economical, disciplined, orderly.

Negative Traits: inflexible, narrow-minded, stubborn, dishonest, restricted, crude, discourteous, unyielding.
Positive Traits: independent, versatile, active, free, progressive, accepting of change, spontaneous, opportunistic, unconventional, enterprising.

Negative Traits: impulsive, fearful, restless, frenzied, nervous, eccentric, frivolous, shallow.
Positive Traits: responsible, supportive, caring, appreciative, trustworthy, charitable, dutiful, happy, just, understanding.

Negative Traits: irresponsible, vindictive, unyielding, possessive, ungracious, cynical, unreliable, hostile, unfeeling.
Positive Traits: wise, understanding, truth-seeking, analytical, spiritual, specialist, intuitive, studious, solitary, dignified, intellectual.

Negative Traits: incompetent, critical, impatient, reclusive, proud, extremist, nervous, impractical, eccentric, agnostic.
Positive Traits: powerful, decisive, authoritative, materially successful, judgmental, balanced, disciplined, responsible, influential, self-confident, pioneering, venturesome.

Negative Traits: tyrannical, restrictive, rigid, unyielding, fanatical, inconsiderate, militant, cold-blooded, rebellious, fraudulent, aggressive.
Positive Traits: selfless giver, humanitarian, compassionate, idealistic, broad-minded, creative, loving, humble, understanding, forgiving.

Negative Traits: greedy, unsympathetic, prejudiced, uninvolved, restrictive, resentful, narrow-minded, bitter, hateful.