by Jill Saint James

An Interesting Insight

Why Are You Here?

Why, exactly, am I here? What is my purpose in this life? What kinds of lessons do I need to learn? And who am I?

If these questions go through your mind every so often (and I'm sure they do!), you'll be pleased to learn about the Lifepath number. The Lifepath number can provide you with answers to the above questions -- and more!

From a numerological standpoint, your Lifepath number is calculated by adding the month, day and year of your birth. Even though you might have the same Lifepath number as your best friend, your directions will be different. Why? Because the differences in the month and day of your birth -- as well as the birth year -- are very important factors and provide varied influences when it comes to that special path.

The Lifepath number is literally your guardian for the rest of your life and tells you

  • WHO YOU ARE, by defining your natural abilities, tendencies and talents;
  • WHAT YOUR LESSONS ARE and the opportunities available to learn those lessons; and
  • WHAT YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS by showing you what obstacles you need to overcome to achieve your success.

The Lifepath number is helpful because it tells you your purpose in life and actually provides you with the insights on how you can get there! Whether you believe in reincarnation or an after life, the Lifepath is still the focus of YOUR life! Pretty amazing, isn't it?

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You really are here for a very special reason!