by Jill Saint James

An Interesting Insight

Where You Live

Do you feel good about where you live?

Just as you've learned how your numbers influence you, I want you to know numbers also define your house or apartment, city and state. Does that sound unusual for an inanimate building or an entire town? Stay with me -- this is fascinating!

Why is it that, when you walk into certain places where you've never been before, you immediately feel good and warm and welcomed? Even if you don't know the person who lives there, you feel an automatic kinship with the place and think, "I could be happy here."

Or maybe you've heard someone say that at some point while moving in or remodeling, their home took on a life of its own. Guess what -- the "life" was already there. They just didn't notice until change took place.

A house adopts its a numerical influence as soon as it's assigned a street address...just as your destiny was established when your birth certificate was signed, sealed and delivered. An apartment number works the same way.

What does this mean? Well, if you're planning to buy a house or you're in the market for a new apartment, you can start your search by figuring out the kind of "personality" you'd like to live with.

Your current home's traits and idiosyncracies will make more sense when you understand its number influence. Whether you're comfortable where you live or not, now you can appreciate how to be in tune with your residence, just as you would with another person.

Remember that numbers, like warning signals, are there to guide you through the events of your life. Don't feel threatened by the number itself. Accept its message and follow the guidance it's there to offer. God gave us these signs to help us along our journey.

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