by Jill Saint James

An Interesting Insight

Being Happy

For most of us, a birth day is when a person celebrates another year of life, often with a party, usually a cake and gifts and the song "Happy Birthday."

In numerology, a person's day of birth is more than a number stamped on a piece of paper, however. Your birth day number has a permanent influence on your life. Although you grow older and may change your name, your birth number always remains constant. Your birth number is the first number you're aware of. You may forget your age or a special anniversary, but you never forget your birth day number.

You may also use your birth day to identify with other people. There have probably been times in your life when you've met people with the same day of birth you have. Your immediate reaction is, "yeah, that's my birthday, too!" You've formed an immediate bond with that person, even if your birth month is different from the other person's, even if your ages are miles apart, even if you have nothing else in common.

When using your birth day to begin learning about yourself, keep in mind that it's a great thumbnail sketch, but not THE path in your numerological assessment.

Many other major numbers -- such as your name at birth, your lifepath number, destiny and soul urge -- can influence how closely your birth day number affects your life. These combinations of numbers are the reason you are unique from someone else who might share your same birth day.

Your day of birth number may be used in your daily life as a number you play on a lottery ticket or as part of your personal identification number with your automatic teller bank card. More importantly, your birth day can point you on the road to success in romance, health, career and finance.

The day on which you were born provides a valuable key that opens doors to your character, point of view, general stance in the world, potential career directions and likely romances.

Once you learn what vibrates positively to your day of birth number, you begin to see why certain situations are "up your alley," while others bore you to tears! Armed with this knowledge, you can begin to make positive decisions that are in tune with your life.

For example, the volatile, outspoken and ambition-driven person born on the 9th day of the month may not like to take secondary roles in life, even though some of the characteristics of the 9 birth number are those of kindness, generosity and caring.

By the same token, the sentimental, go-at-your-own-pace person with a birthday on the 20th would probably be out of place in the hard-driving, ambitious world of corporate politics. These 2s are more content being the power behind the throne.

Your birth number can even determine what colors and jewelry look best on you and what your health weaknesses are.

Keep in mind that your birth day number has the greatest significance in your life between the ages of 28 and 56, but will always remain a part of you. During these years, the influences of this number will affect, or have affected, the areas of career, romance, finances and health.

As you learn more about your birth day number and how it relates to your life, you'll have a valuable tool to teach you more about yourself. Congratulations on taking this positive step toward your own self-growth!

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